Don't fret!

These and many other issues can be vanquished with the help of an editor. All that will be seen by anyone reading your final product is a polished piece of writing that flows from point to point or from scene to scene, just as you intended. An editor’s work can be totally secret. And your work will be the best it can be.

Ongoing Editor

The Binnacle a lifestyle and resource publication where disability is centered and celebrated as diversity. Here the challenges that come with living fully as a person with a disability are embraced with gusto, joy, and humor.

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About Me

I am Nessie Siler. I love helping authors produce their best work. My clients are wonderful people with whom I share a passion for great storytelling and clear communication. I also enjoy the independence and the challenges that freelancing brings. I have studied under Caitlin Pyle of Proofread Anywhere and Duncan Koerber, Ph.D.

I will pay detailed attention to:

Word choice
Sentence Structure
Character Development
Plot Development

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